How To Enjoy Your Garden This Summer

Summer is often cited as being the best time of the year. The days are longer, warmer and people are usually in a more positive frame of mind. The sun gives you that healthy glow and you’re feeling more positive about life. Enjoying summer doesn’t take much effort however there are some precautions to bear in mind as summer approaches and gets well underway. Your garden is your private safe spot, and you’re free to relax in it however you please, within reason. Your garden will likely hold host to your summer parties, evening BBQ’s and see its fair share of exposed shoulders and backs over the summer months. You want your garden to be properly kitted out before the height of summer hits, so that you can come home after work and enjoy the last rays of the sun from the comfort of your own space.

Eliminate Pests

You don’t want to have to keep swatting flies from your face and your food this summer so think about using some fly spray and covering your outside furniture with the spray. You can stick small lines of sticky tape around your garden if you wish to catch mosquitoes and other small irritating insects. For the best protection against mozzies, you should be applying a topical cream or spray to your clothes and staying inside after dark. Wasps could potentially ruin your summer outside if you’re housing a nest so before summer starts, check for wasp nest and have them eradicated if you are unfortunate enough to have a nest in your garden. Don’t think about removing wasp nests yourself, and always call upon Pest Exterminator Services to remove it for you.

Don’t Burn

It does happen, but it’s best avoided. Make sure that you’re liberally applying sunscreen if you’re out in the sun, and make sure you take regular breaks from direct some and sit in the shade or under cover. Think to spend fifteen minutes in the sun followed by another fifteen minutes out of the sun.


If you haven’t already, get a BBQ. BBQ’s are a simply way of bringing friends and family together as you all sit lounging in the garden waiting for the food to cook. There’s also minimal effort involved in cooking for a party of people and employing the help of a BBQ. The food needs to be turned every so often, but aside from that the rest is done for you and you can get to enjoying the sun and playing in the garden.

Get An Outside Seating Area

Get the best from your garden area and build a space that you can both sit and eat in. Think about installing some decking or a patio and setting up a table with chairs and a parasol. This way, you sit and eat your dinner with the comfort of some shade during the hottest hours of the day. Summer is a glorious time of year, however it doesn’t come without the chance of rain and other adverse weather conditions, so having a parasol will provide some cover from any freak rain showers. It’s best to be prepared, and an umbrella each doesn’t quite fit the bill.

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