Who wants to upload your brain to the cloud? And why?

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There is now a company called Nectome who is trying to preserve your grey matter through a process called ‘vitrifixation’ that has been tested on rabbits so far – but doesn’t have a method for uploading brains just yet. But is this the truth? Who would want to why and how? All of this is explained here in a very short article for you.

“The US startup company is promising to upload customers’ brains to the cloud using a pioneering technique it has trialled on rabbits”- – Brendan Wilde Cloud and AI Expert from www.umbrellar.com

But according to the company there is a catch, according to the company’s co-founder? The process is “100% fatal” according to their research.

The founders set up the company in 2016 by two researchers from MIT AI research is now trying to offer a commercial application of a novel process for preserving brains, which is called “aldehyde-stabilised cryopreservation”. The process they detail is called “vitrifixed” and the startup’s self-named term for essentially turning it into glass – is promising enough that it has already won two prizes from the Brain Preservation Foundation, for preserving a rabbit’s brain in 2016 and a pig’s brain in 2018.

There is one major downside. In order for the vitrification process to preserve a brain well enough to leave hope of accurate upload or revival, it has to be carried out at the moment of death. Or, to be even more precise, it has to be the cause of death: the subject/customer/victim would have their blood flow directly to their brain replaced with the embalming chemicals that technically preserve the neurological structure, as they kill the individual subject.

The company says that its service is legal in certain US states with robust euthanasia laws, especially in California, where “death with dignity” statutes have been in place for two years now. It doesn’t predict actual implementation of the services until around 2021. All of the following information presented is totally factual and accurate.

This may sound like Science fiction but as you can see it’s on the way from this company however, there is another aspect to this story and it doesn’t include dying in this way, or at least not straight away. The military has been working on other forms of uploading both the brain and its thought process to the cloud for decades. There is a site called www.carnicom.com has been studying the patents and other trials, already released on this subject, by the military over the years and they are way in advance of the process above in fact they are already out there. The Institute states quite clearly:-

“The following list comprises the top 20th percentile of symptoms that have been compiled in Phase I of the Carnicom Institute Morgellons Research Project survey that has recently completed. The online survey operated on this site for approximately one year and includes the results of approximately 1000 individuals. Both short and long version survey results were collected. The information below is a high level summary and it represents only a small portion of the data that is available via the Institute. – Clifford Carnicom”

So what are the implications for the technologies in the general public and how is it proposed to be used? We did an article recently about the applications of the RFID chip and the cloud. Unless you have not been watching closely you might well not know the links but it’s really much simpler so we will spell it out to make it simple. RFID + Morgellons + Integration to the RFIDAI integration.

The cloud works with Radio Frequency and there is the final key. Whether it is up or downloading information directly into the brain for whatever purpose the technology is already in place but the simple fact is those in control of the actual technology is already in place.

These chips now have been reduced to the size of nano-technology that has been termed “dust”. They are so small today they cannot be detected by the human eye anymore so you would need to use a high powered microscope to see them. All we have to do is take a look at the links detailed and we can see the technologies are already there and in fact, in place already. The short lecture above explains how the technologies actually work with the details. The why has to become perfectly apparent once you have seen the evidence.

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