Largest Bounce House in U.S. on Display in Michigan

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There’s nothing more fun that going back to your childhood for a day, and one of the ways you can do that is by visiting the largest bounce house in the United States. The bounce house, Big Bounce America is currently visiting Michigan at Steffens Park in Fraser. Just in time for warm weather, this family-friendly attraction is drawing hundreds of excited visitors to Fraser, Michigan. Big Bounce America is known as the nation’s largest bounce house. This fun attraction features more than you get at a typical party bounce house.

10,000 Square Feet

To start, Big Bounce America covers 10,000 square feet (ca. 9 a) of space. It features a disk jockey booth, several interactive games, entertaining basketball hoops, confetti and bubble machines, and several other displays. The bounce house is large enough to hold 200 people at once and still have room for them all to bounce around and explore the attraction. Capacity is limited to 200 to make sure it is safe for everyone that enters.

Not Just for Kids

Big Bounce America will be open for kids primarily, but will have sessions in the evenings from 6 to 9 pm on Saturday and 3 to 6 pm on Sunday just for adults. After all, adults need to have bounce house fun too. This bounce house is so big that is now holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest inflatable attraction in the world. Visitors will enjoy multiple bounce castles including three brand-new ones call Air Space. These new additions have slides, mazes, and ball pits to play in. Part of Big Bounce America is an obstacle course that’s over 900 feet (0.27 km) long. Tickets for this event range from $16 to $24. Adults only sessions are $28. Every person is allowed three hours to bounce to their heart’s content.

Bounce House Fun

Bounce houses are a hilarious addition to any outdoor party for kids or teenagers. Adults have fun in them too. If you are planning an event with outdoor activities, you can get inspiration from our Outdoor Play Store. Plenty of bounce houses are available to buy for your event whether it is a private residential party or a commercial event. Kids will love spending time in the bounce house, spending their abundant energy.

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