Roger Waters Educates CNN’s Smerconish on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has angered the leftist globalists repeatedly in recent months by speaking his mind freely and challenging the mainstream media’s lies. His interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish, posted to YouTube on August 7, made headlines, particularly in conservative media as well as on social media.

Roger Waters
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Waters repeatedly challenged Smerconish from the start of the interview, particularly on the credibility of media, Russia-Ukraine war, and the Biden administration. Smerconish was left almost speechless and retreated from his leftist line of questioning when Waters reminded him of the history of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The CNN presenter also got a good answer when he asked Waters why he included Joe Biden’s picture in his video showing what he called war criminals.

The Outspoken Roger Waters

Following the interview, Roger Waters was accused of bringing his politics to his entertainment events and even tried to label him with anti-Semitism. Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida wrote in The Floridian:

Waters has become an advocate for antisemitism, Vladimir Putin’s imperialism, and the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide.

Deborah L. Armstrong reported on that Roger Waters has been declared the “enemy of Ukraine” and added to the Ukrainian Hit List.

The Enigma

It’s interesting to note that Waters has been known to have mainly liberal views, which is why a CNN presenter would have him for an interview. However, he has shown himself to be outside the familiar close-minded narration that all sounds the same – much like a broken record. In the latest interview, he clearly broke with the mainstream narrative on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, on which liberals and most conservatives in the country seem to have united.

But it is also likely that due to its failing ratings, an audience-hungry CNN and its people are relaxing their political agenda a little, and hence inviting people like Roger Waters for getting more viewers.

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