Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors Defeated Again in Court

The failing administration of Joe Biden was slapped with another defeat in the court of law yesterday as the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction against Biden’s despotic COVID vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

Ruling on Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

The Gateway Pundit posted the link to the full court ruling where a three-judge panel voted 2-1 against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors. The mandate had been stopped via an injunction last December in a federal court. Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) appealed the injunction in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, hoping that the administration will still be able to impose the vaccine on federal contractors.

But on Friday, Biden and his DOJ were defeated as the court ruled that Biden did not have the authority to impose such a mandate. Of the two judges that voted against the mandate, one was appointed by President Trump and the other by President Reagan. The judge who voted in favor of the mandate is a Jimmy Carter appointee.

The defeat of Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors is the latest in a series of legal defeats for the Biden administration’s different vaccine mandates that were imposed unconstitutionally on the American people.

Media’s Embarrassing Silence

Since this comes as another notable victory for conservatives who have opposed the administration’s vaccine mandates since day one, professionally and ethically bankrupt mainstream media have looked the other way instead of highlighting the story. Media’s nationwide silence was also noticed when the 6th Circuit Court ruled against the Biden administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate in December, 2021.

Statistics from United States and abroad have shown that the COVID vaccines are useless and dangerous with most COVID deaths happening in vaccinated, especially fully vaccinated people. Mainstream media have been used to scare people into taking the COVID shots by exaggerating the seriousness of the illness termed COVID and by hiding the numbers of people injured and killed by the COVID vaccines.

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Ernest Dempsey

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