Escaping to Nature in Luxury

In an increasingly digital world more and more people are looking for a reprieve from the constant ringing, pinging, and flashing of technology and seeking to reconnect with nature. That’s not to say that everyone wants to “rough it” in sleeping bags with the sound of mosquitoes buzzing. The solution for many who enjoy nature but still want the comforts and luxury that a traditional vacation would provide are turning to glamping.

Glamping – a composite of glamorous and camping – is a term that was first coined in the United Kingdom in 2005, and which has been increasing in popularity ever since. Demand and supply for glamping is up by 39% since January 2016, with a 107% percent increase in the number of inquiries according to

The tourist industry is responding to consumers desires for nature paired with luxury and a growing number of glamping options are available at locales in the United States and around the world. Each destination has unique offerings that it provides to visitors – from ultra luxurious accomodations to breathtaking vistas. Tourists can opt to stay in safari tents, treehouses, teepees, luxury tents and more.

While glamping is a great option for the people who want a short reprieve from the hassles of daily life, some people are leaving suburban and city life and seeking more permanent escapes into nature. Just like the glampers, many of these people are seeking to enjoy the peace, serenity and well being that comes with being one with nature, but are not interested sacrificing comfort or modern conveniences.

For this segment of the population, one increasingly popular option is investing in luxury homes nestled within nature in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. For example, the Foxboro Ranch Estates offers spacious mountain homes only rivaled by the stunning scenery outside.

Building a home in the great outdoors may be the perfect investment for families with means who are interested in looking for a vacation home for extended stints in nature, or for families who want to entirely forgo the hectic pace of city and suburban life. Conveniently many of these estates are situated close enough to a city so that residents only need to take a scenic drive to get whatever they need. For those who can afford it, glamping, or taking the full plunge and purchasing a home in nature, may be the ultimate rejuvenating solution to modern day stressors.

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