Newest Trends in Energy Management

In recent years, energy management demand has significantly increased, with more money than ever before being invested into energy management software. The question is, how will the continued demand impact the sector throughout 2019?

Here, we’ll look at some of the newest trends in energy management predicted to play a huge role this year.

Energy efficiency

The potential of energy efficiency has been largely underused up until now, despite the fact it provides the cleanest, cheapest energy resources. This is mostly due to challenges such as insufficient capacity, not enough standardisation and uncertainty over the results. However, a lot of financial institutions and corporations are now focusing their efforts on addressing these challenges.

The public sector is also expected to pay more attention to efficient energy management. Digitalising the energy infrastructure will likely be a key concern, with government initiatives being introduced to solve the problem. So, energy efficiency is certainly a key area that will be focused on within the sector this year.

Real time energy insights

In 2019, there’s going to be much more of a need for real time energy insights. In order to boost efficiency and cut down costs, businesses are going to need to more accurately measure energy usage and identify ways to optimise it. This is likely going to be improved by new technologies introduced within the sector, along with artificial intelligence systems.

Even remote companies are now able to capture real time data through systems such as Remote Telemetry Units (RTU). Allowing users to collect and communicate their data remotely, these units are especially great for businesses operating within harsh environments.

An increase in the human side of energy management

Previously, energy management has consisted more of data and technology. However, experts believe that in 2019, the human side of energy management is going to become important. That is, making sure customers are happy through improvements in energy performance.

So, it will be less about the numbers and more about the emotions of the user. While technology is helping to boost the sector, it also cannot be ignored that human staff are still required to adopt change and ensure technologies are implemented correctly.

As you can see, the trends for energy management in 2019 are fairly complex. However, we are sure to see advancements within both human resources and technology which are exciting for the industry.

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