CDC Admits PCR Test Swabs Went to Genome Sequencing Labs

Yet another alarming revelation about the PCR test that the mainstream media ignored last month seems to have come true. The CDC has admitted that some of the nose swabs used in PCR testing for COVID-19 ended up in Genomic Sequencing labs.

DNA sequencing
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In October last year, journalist Stew Peters interviewed Karen Kingston on his show to talk about how the PCR test has been used to sequence genome of Americans without their permission. Kingston cited the stats on NIH website showing that at that point in time, the NIH had completed 1.3 million Sequence Read Archives (SRAs).

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Kingston called it a complete violation of people’s rights guaranteed in the constitution.

The suspicion of getting human DNA sequenced via PCR test had appeared before Karen Kingston explained the issue on Stew Peters show. Advocates of government-medical establishment alliance, like Channel 4 for example, tried to brush it off as conspiracy theory while mainstream media turned a blind eye to the potentially shocking story.

CDC Tweet about Swabs in Genome Sequencing Labs

Now, the CDC has admitted that at least some swabs used in PCR tests likely “ended up” in a genome sequencing lab. The Gateway Pundit reported on a February 16 tweet by the CDC that says:

What happened to the swab? If it was processed with a PCR test, there’s a 10% chance that it ended up in a lab for genomic sequencing analysis.

The story added that CDC, however, claimed that only the virus in the sample would be used for the genomic sequencing analysis.

Privacy Concerns Raised

Liberty Planet expressed concern and suspicion over the CDC tweet story and wrote:

Since the government has been less than trustworthy, it’s not hard to believe the government would want to harvest as much information on citizens as possible, including their DNA.

The post cited Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia asking on Twitter “Did the CDC get permission from people to take their DNA?”

Newsweek reported that the CDC’s announcement has sparked human DNA privacy questions.

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