NYT’s Pro-Vaxx Editor Dead within a Day of Getting Moderna Booster

He advertised COVID vaccines and encouraged people to get a booster. But within a day of getting his booster shot, he fell dead.

Carlos Tejada booster
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The late Carlos Tejada was 49 and worked as an editor based in Asia for the New York Times (NYT). He was fully vaccinated against the so-called COVID-19 with a shot of Johnson & Johnson and a Moderna shot for a booster. After taking his booster shot, he advertised the COVID vaccines in a video.

Next thing the world knew of him was his sudden death. Red Voice media reported that Tejada had a fatal heart attack a day after he took the Moderna booster shot on December 16. The story pointed to the lack of journalistic curiosity about Tejada’s sudden death.

And it seems as though mainstream media has been oddly silent about the circumstances of the man’s passing.

Alex Berenson, a former NYT reporter now suing Twitter for banning him, was cited in a BizPacReview story as:

No clinical trials have ever been conducted to examine the safety or efficacy of mixing various types of these vaccines, and Carlos did not give informed consent, as the consent form was in Korean, a language he could not read.

The story included a July Instagram post by Tejada advocating for vaccination against COVID and thanking scientists for it. However that Instagram post seems to have been removed after his death.

The video and social media posts of Tejada show that he trusted the health authorities and called them people way smarter than him, who had the best interest of the public at their hearts.

Tejada’s death after getting Moderna booster adds to the high count of fully vaccinated people who have died suspiciously after taking the COVID shots while appearing in good health before the shots. The vaccines have shown little effectiveness and vaccinated people routinely get the COVID infection, illness, and are additionally at risk of dangerous side effects.

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