Fauci Supports Vaccine Mandate Even for Domestic Air Travel

Dr. Fauci has come out fully in support of imposing COVID vaccine passports for all passengers of domestic air travel. His suggestion comes at a time when vaccinated travelers are testing positive for COVID in big numbers.

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Fauci’s Support for Vaccine Mandate for Domestic Air Travel

The New York Post reported today that in his latest interview on Monday morning (December 27) with MSNBC, Fauci suggested implementing vaccination mandate for domestic air travel. He was cited saying:

If you’re talking about requiring vaccination to get on a plane domestically, that is just another one of the requirements that I think is reasonable to consider.

He also reportedly said that requiring COVID vaccination for boarding domestic flights should seriously be considered. Over the weekend, Fauci had expressed support for vaccine requirements for domestic air travel while also opposing the idea of lifting mask requirements on flights.

In November, dozens of Democrat congressmen demanded that Biden should declare vaccine mandate for domestic air travel.

Fully Vaccinated Travelers Contracting COVID

Fauci’s support of the Democrat agenda of imposing vaccines on everyone flying by air comes at a time when vaccinated travelers are making news for testing positive for COVID in large numbers. On Sunday, The Epoch Times reported that a fully vaccinated Holland America cruise ship was turned away from a Mexican port after 21 fully vaccinated crew members on the ship tested positive for COVID.

Shortly before the Holland America Cruise incident made news, media reported that a Royal Caribbean cruise ship was denied entry to two islands because dozens of fully vaccinated people onboard the ship tested positive for COVID. The Washington Examiner wrote:

Fifty-five fully vaccinated passengers on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, causing the ship to be denied access at two island ports.

Health data from England and other countries has repeatedly shown that fully vaccinated people are more at risk of illness and death from COVID than those who remain completely unvaccinated.

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