Delta Killed More Vaccinated People in UK than Unvaxxed

The official numbers from Public Health England – the British health department – confirm what critics of COVID vaccines have been saying all along. It is not the unvaccinated that are coming down and dying of the Delta variant. Instead the vaccinated are falling sick and dying in greater numbers.

Last month, on the 17th of September, Public Health England published a report as “Technical briefing 23” to provide an update on the cases and variants of concern in the UK.  The report is titled “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England” and is online as a PDF document at this link.

Delta cases and deaths
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The report breaks down the numbers of Delta variant cases and deaths among the unvaccinated and the vaccinated during the 6 months from February to September this year. As shown on page no. 19 of the report, the vaccinated people are further divided into 3 groups – those who had one dose of a COVID vaccine less than 3 weeks before they got the Delta infection, those who had one dose of a COVID shot at least 3 weeks before getting Delta infection, and those who had both doses of a COVID vaccine at least 2 weeks before they came down with Delta – the latter group called “fully vaccinated.”

The numbers show that a total of 257,357 unvaccinated people got the Delta variant. Among the vaccinated ones, 157,400 fully vaccinated people got the Delta infection along with 90,138 cases of those vaccinated with one dose 3 weeks before infection, and 30,674 cases of those who had one COVID shot less than 3 weeks before infection. Thus the total number of vaccinated people who came down with Delta variant adds up to 278, 212 – and that is at least 20000 more cases than among the unvaccinated.

Deaths by Delta in Vaxxed and Unvaxxed

The vaccinated also lead in the number of deaths by the Delta variant. The last row of the table in the report shows the clear difference. Only 722 unvaccinated people died of Delta but among those who took the jab, the numbers are much higher. In the fully vaccinated group alone, 1613 people died of the Delta variant during the same time. That is more than double the number of deaths in the unvaccinated people. Additionally, 149 deaths were reported in one group of those who took one dose and 17 deaths in the other partially vaccinated group. The total number of deaths in all vaccinated groups adds up to 1779 as against 722 unvaccinated who died of the Delta variant.

While the British report specifies the exact status of vaccination of the patients in terms of number of doses of the COVID vaccine, the authorities in America have changed the definition of “unvaccinated” to include those who are partially vaccinated, i.e. took the first COVID shot and then came down with the infection.

comparison table
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The Oregon Health Authority used this altered definition recently to claim that the unvaccinated make the majority of COVID cases and deaths.

The British health department’s stats are shown in the video below.

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