Data from San Diego Shows Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Most at Risk to Die of COVID

Once again the numbers have revealed the well-known failure of COVID shots in preventing COVID infection, hospitalization, and/or deaths. The latest stats from San Diego County, California, show that those most at risk of dying from COVID are the ones fully vaccinated and boosted with the COVID vaccines.

COVID Data from San Diego County

KUSI broke down down the stats of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths over the past 3 months in San Diego County with respect to the vaccination status of the affected individuals. The stats show that fully vaccinated and boosted people had the highest numbers of COVID deaths as well as the highest numbers of hospitalization due to COVID.

San Diego County COVID stats
Screenshot @ KUSI

It’s obvious from looking at the stats that health authorities attempted to manipulate the data by the way they created the 3 categories of COVID cases with respect to vaccination status. The categories include: Not Fully Vaccinated, Fully Vaccinated, and Fully Vaccinated+Boosted.

They chose not to separately categorize individuals who are unvaccinated – those who didn’t take any shots. Instead they included partially vaccinated (those who too one shot of a COVID vaccine) with the unvaccinated to create the hybrid category Not Fully Vaccinated so that numbers for unvaccinated or those who took only shot wouldn’t appear low. On the contrary, they chose not to combine the fully vaccinated with those who are fully vaccinated and boosted in a single category so as to make each category’s numbers lower.

Vaccines Still Fail in Protecting against COVID

Despite this dishonest manipulation to make vaccines look good, the stats clearly disprove the claims of safe and effective vaccines. By their line of reasoning, those who took three shots (fully vaccinated plus boosted) should have the highest protection and thus least numbers of serious illness (hospitalizations) and deaths. But the reality is a revealing contradiction of the case for COVID vaccination.

KUSI also noted that despite high vaccination rates, the COVID cases are reportedly rising in the San Diego County – another indicator of the failure of vaccines in preventing or containing the disease.

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