What Are Your Options After a Drinking and Driving Arrest? 1

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Following a drinking and driving arrest, you face the possibility of paying a large fine or even losing your licence for a certain period of time. If this is not your first offence, you might even face jail time. Regardless of whether you have faced drinking and driving charges in the past, you should think about your legal defence right away. This means looking for places where you can get a free consultation from drinking and driving lawyers so you know exactly where you stand.

What Does a DUI Lawyer Do?

When you contact a lawyer’s office like the MassTsang DUI lawyers in Toronto, you immediately strengthen your legal position. A DUI lawyer can review the public record of your traffic arrest and compare it to your own testimony to determine if the police report conflicts with your account or if the arresting officer violated any protocols. From there, the lawyer can help you plan your defence. Even if a case seems cut and dried, your lawyer can help communicate with the judge and prosecutors to bring matters to a quick resolution. Since most people lack the legal expertise and knowhow that a trained lawyer possesses, hiring a lawyer who has successfully defended DUI cases in the past can make a huge difference in court.

Important Information to Disclose

As with any legal situation, you should avoid discussing the details of your drinking and driving arrest with individuals who are not your lawyer. The benefits to discussing an ongoing legal matter are almost nonexistent, but the potential problems are numerous. Instead, you should rely on providing information directly to your lawyer, who will keep all matters relating to your case confidential. Important items to disclose to your lawyer include how much you had to drink prior to your arrest, the behavior of the arresting officer, and your compliance with police instructions. Even if you think some of this information might damage your case, be honest with your lawyer. In court, the information your lawyer has access to is power.

Steps to Take After Your Case

Whether your case winds up going in your favor or against you, your primary goal in the future should be to avoid getting another drinking and driving charge. Your lawyer can fill you in on the specific ramifications of what a future charge might bring you, but the penalties will always be steeper for multiple offences. You should take control of the matter by being extra careful with drinking before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Select designated drivers or call on public transportation if you need. Also take note of any mistakes you made when dealing with a police officer. A belligerent attitude can cause you even more problems in the future.

When you face a drinking and driving charge, the best way to take control is to reach out to an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. A strong legal defence can help protect you both now and in the future.