Andrew Cuomo Charged with Sex Crime

Former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, has been charged with a sex crime. He is facing charges of forcible touching, a sex crime of misdemeanor category.

The Washington Examiner reported that according to a court official, Cuomo is facing the criminal complaint in Albany City Court in New York. The complaint does not name the victim – the name being redacted – who has accused the ex governor of forcibly touching her breast and reaching under shirt on December 7, 2020, at the governor’s mansion.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said the charges confirmed the findings of her Aug. 3 report.

Confusion over Accuracy of Charges

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo. Screenshot @ BitChute

National Review wrote about some confusion over the accuracy of the sex crime charge against the former governor of NY as Brendan Lyons of Times Union claimed that the charges were filed in error and that “summons was issued without the consent of the alleged victim.” However, the story wrote, that reporters from NBC and New York Post both verified that Cuomo had indeed been charged with the sex crime.

Resigning in Disgrace

Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace on August 24 from the governor’s office, though he announced his resignation on August 10, 2021 after the New York Attorney General’s report found him guilty of sexual harassment of at least 11 women. While Letitia James did not pursue criminal charges against him, prosecutors in different counties were reportedly opening investigations into his scandals and expressed the possibility of bringing criminal charges against him.

Brothers in Harassment

Not long after Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace over the sexual harassment scandal, his brother Chris Cuomo – anchor at CNN – was accused of sexual harassment by a former colleague. Fox News reported that Chris Cuomo’s sexual harassment allegations caused a buzz on Twitter, after former executive producer Shelley Ross described the incident from 2005 when Chris grabbed her buttock without her permission.

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