Christian Bakers Take the Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case to Supreme Court

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The nearly decade-long legal battle over a same-sex wedding cake in Oregon is headed back to the Supreme Court. At the center of the conflict are two Christian bakers who refused to bake the wedding cake citing their Christian faith.

The Attack on Christian Bakers

Life Site News reported on the new development in the case of two Christian bakers – husband and wife Aaron and Melissa Klein – who were targeted for legal persecution by a lesbian couple in Gresham, Oregon, after their refusal to prepare a wedding cake for the same-sex wedding of the lesbians in 2013.

Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein
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In 2015, the Kleins were fined $135, 000 by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI). Given the leftist anti-Christian administration of Oregon, it was no surprise. However, it destroyed the business of the Christian bakers who had to shut down their bakery because of an online hate campaign by liberals.

The discrimination lawsuit against the Kleins then went before the courts multiple times. In January 2022, the Christian couple finally got some degree of justice when the Oregon Court of Appeals truck down the fine and sent the case back to the state of Oregon. BOLI then reduced the fine to $30, 000 in July this year. Life Site News wrote:

However, the mere reduction in financial penalty was not sufficient for the Kleins, who “continue to seek full and final vindication of their First Amendment rights, ” their legal group said.

New Hope for Justice

Now the Kleins are taking the case to the Supreme Court where they have been once before in 2019. Back then the Supreme Court had referred the case to a lower court. Aaron and Melissa Klein are hoping the justice will be served this time and their civil rights to free speech and religious beliefs will be protected against the leftist persecution veiled as discrimination.

First Liberty Institute that is representing the couple tweeted to ask for people’s support for the Kleins.

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