FBI Behind Whitmer Kidnap Plot

FBI has reportedly been involved in the kidnap plot targeting Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan – a shocking revelation mainly ignored by the mainstream media.

Whitmer Kidnap Plot
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Last Friday, the Michigan news site mlive reported that the attorney for an accused in the kidnap plot against Michigan Governor says there is likely evidence proving that the FBI had entrapped accused. The story says of the accused, Adam Fox of Wyoming:

Fox, and others, are seeking records of contacts between informants, their FBI handlers and the defendants.

Attorney Christopher Gibbons told the court that those documents of communication between the FBI and the accused were critical to the defense of Fox.

Now, the attorney for another accused in the alleged kidnap plot of Governor Whitmer says he has proof of FBI’s involvement in the said kidnap plot. The Washington Examiner reported on Tuesday (August 17, 2021) that Michael Hills, the attorney for Brandon Caserta – another accused in the same case – asked Judge Robert Jonker to order records of communication between FBI’s Special Agents Impola Henrik and Jayson Chambers.

Hills provided images purporting to show Impola telling Dan to “be sure to delete these,” apparently referring to messages discussing the plot.

Robert David Steele on Whitmer Kidnap Plot

Former military veteran and ex-CIA officer Robert David Steele posted his commentary on BitChute 10 months ago, concluding the exact same thing reported now by the attorney for Fox. Steele cited an FBI insider saying that for FBI, terrorism means more money as budget for their operation and the agency seeks terrorists, international or domestic, to make money off their operation. Watch Steel’s video titled “Was The Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping An FBI Entrapment Operation?” wherein he talks about the shady work of the FBI and the CIA.

It’s worth noting that most/all mainstream media networks have been silent on this story despite the alarming nature of the revelations incriminating the FBI in the conspiracy to kidnap Governor Whitmer using a group of people they would thus frame for the crime.

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