No Punishment for FBI Agent Guilty of Evidence Tampering

There will be no punishment for an FBI agent who pleaded guilty to evidence tampering in a case that resulted in forcing conservative Missouri governor, Eric Greitens, out of the office.

FBI Agent Tisaby
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FBI Agent Tisaby Pleading Guilty

Just The News reported that former FBI agent William Tisaby pleaded guilty to evidence tampering as he appeared in a St. Louis Circuit Court.

William Tisaby appeared in a St. Louis Circuit Court and entered the plea to one count of misdemeanor evidence tampering and was sentenced to probation, which was immediately suspended.

Tisaby has thus been allowed to walk free without any penalty for evidence tampering after he led an investigation, in collusion with Democrat prosecutor Kim Gardner, in 2018 against then Governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens. Gardner charged Greitens with taking a compromising photo of a woman he was seeing. While the charges served to smear his reputation, no evidence was found to support the accusations and the charges were dropped.

The story says that the woman in question “testified she may have dreamed up the allegation.”

Gardner got away with bringing up the charges against Greitens and was not charged with criminal wrongdoing; only disciplinary action was initiated against her and is still pending with a hearing upcoming next month.

Greitens resigned after the charges were dropped against him but the legislature initiated impeachment process against him anyways. Now, he says he feels vindicated after the FBI agent’s guilty plea in the court. He tweeted a video, saying “truth always wins.”

Renewed Attack on Greitens

Now Greitens is running for the U.S Senate and those who do not want him to be in the government have started a new smear campaign against him.

The New Republic, known for fake news stories in the late ‘90s, published a story highlighting new allegations of domestic abuse made against Greitens by his ex-wife Chestnut Greitens. The story did not mention the guilty plea of ex-FBI agent Tisaby or the cooked-up charges by Gardner that were soon dropped due to lack of evidence.

Steve Bannon had Greitens on his show and asked him about the new allegations. Here is how Greitens explained it.

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