Ex CIA Official Tweets about Swinging Election against Trump

“I take special pride in personally swinging the election away from Trump.” These are the words of John Sipher, a former CIA official, cited by Just the News.

CIA Official Sipher Hunter Biden Laptop
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As the story tells, Sipher is a former CIA deputy chief of Russian Operations. He tweeted about swinging the 2020 presidential election in favor of Biden, adding:

I lost the election for Trump? Well then I [feel] pretty good about my influence.

Sipher’s tweet led to a Twitter spat between the ex CIA official and Richard Grenell, former acting director of national intelligence appointed by President Trump. The New York Post reported that Grenell reminded Sipher about him being one of the CIA operatives that signed a letter just 3 weeks before the 2020 election to discard Hunter Biden’s laptop story as Russian disinformation. Grenell was cited tweeting:

Now he’s lecturing people about ethical behavior?! These people have no shame … .

Sipher retorted and the two exchanged a few virtual shots between them before blocking each other on the social media site.

Open Admission of CIA Official or Sarcasm?

While the leftist media assumed silence on the story, conservative news outlets pointed to the open admission of election-tampering by an ex CIA official. The Gateway Pundit wrote:

And now former CIA agents are now openly bragging about taking part in stealing the election from Trump.

Following the outrage over his tweets, Sipher went on Twitter to say it was sarcasm and added, “People like RichardGrenell who deny election results will say anything.”

Biden’s Rant after NYT Story

Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal involves losing multiple laptops with compromising videos of his and many other details relating his and the Biden administration’s questionable business dealings in foreign countries. Earlier this month, Joe Biden went on a rant about people in intimate relationships sharing compromising images of their partners online. His rant followed the story that the New York Times finally admitted Hunter’s laptop story being authentic, and not Russian disinformation.

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