Sheila Jackson Lee Proposes Dangerous Law to Kill Free Speech

Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat congresswoman from Texas, has proposed a new law that she claims is meant to fight “white supremacy” but is being slammed and rejected by conservatives as a direct assault on freedom of speech.

Sheila Jackson Lee
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Hate Speech and White Supremacy Rhetoric

Lee introduced the bill called Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023 in the house earlier this month. The New York Post reported that Lee’s bill says it will “to prevent and prosecute white supremacy inspired hate crime and conspiracy to commit white supremacy inspired hate crime.” The bill proposes criminal prosecution for “hate speech” that is directed against a non-white person or group in any way.

Lee’s bill particularly mentions “hate speech” on social media platforms that could motivate anyone to go out and commit a racist crime. It mentions certain forms of speech as “conspiracy theories, blatant bigotry, and mythical falsehoods such as replacement theory” and seeks to ban them.

Criticism of Sheila Jackson Lee’s Bill

Commentator Phillip Scott of Texas called Sheila Jackson Lee’s proposed law “extremely dangerous” for trying to criminalize free speech and bring authoritarianism.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News recapitulated some of the bizarre antics of Sheila Jackson Lee during her years in congress including the time when she demanded to see where the astronauts had put the American flag on Mars. Tucker showed Lee praising the controversial Patriot Act and secret FISA courts and commented that those courts have shown to be a “highly effective way to silence the critics of the Democratic Party.”

Leftist politicians and many of their liberal voters have been unhappy since Elon Musk bought Twitter last year and put an end to censorship of conservatives on the platform, reinstating many of the accounts the previous Twitter management had banned due to their opposition of the leftist agenda. Sheila Jackson Lee’s legislation comes at a time when conservatives are very actively speaking on social media against the co-called Critical Race Theory (CRT) which is used by liberals to cultivate anti-white racism in schools and elsewhere.

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