Supreme Court Leak on Roe v. Wade a Well-Planned Leftist Plot

The recent anonymous leak of a Supreme Court document showing how the judges decided to vote on the upcoming Roe v. Wade case about abortion laws sparked instant protests among liberals.

Liberal Outrage after the Leak

In wake of the leak, the leftist media machinery created a storm of rhetoric full of hatred and anger toward conservative judges and even Republican presidents who appointed them to the Supreme Court. There is one alarming question, however, that the media mostly went easy on, i.e. the deep infiltration of liberal activists inside the Supreme Court administration.

Supreme Court leak
Image by Mark Thomas from Pixabay

The New York Post wrote that the leaked document showing that Roe v. Wade is likely going to be overturned was “an extraordinary breach of the Supreme Court’s ironclad precedence of secrecy.”

Planned Attack on the Supreme Court

But the media is not unhappy at all that the leak happened. It seems obvious that the leak was an act of sabotage to pressure the justices to change their final vote by a well-orchestrated theatre of outrage in the streets, congress, the White House, and media mobs. Abortion has become a profitable business and political campaign issue for liberals. The Supreme Court leak has come to them as an election campaign like instant coffee.

But it takes time and organized effort to even make coffee instant. This leak and the ensuing campaign are an organized plan of liberals to undermine the Supreme Court because it won’t decide some cases the way they want them.

The breach also provided an apparent excuse to the Democrats to push for expanding the Supreme Court, something the Democrats have been hungry for since Trump’s presidency. Instead of nine judges, five of which are conservative (John Roberts not included, given his record of voting with liberal judges), the Democrats want to put more judges in the court while they hold the majority in congress and have a Democrat president-regardless of how that congress and president seized power.

With majority in the House and Senate combined with Biden in the White House, the biggest obstacle standing in their way of absolute power grab is the United States Supreme Court. The well-planned and well-timed leak on Roe v. Wade is a game-changing plot of the liberal establishment to take total control of the government and take away people’s freedoms.

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Ernest Dempsey

Ernest Dempsey is a writer, editor, blogger, and journalist based in Orlando, FL. He runs a popular blog Word Matters! and edits the journal and its blog Recovering the Self. Dempsey is a skeptic, vegetarian, and advocate for animal and human rights.