Texas AG Ken Paxton Willing to Defend Law that Bans Homosexuality

The conservative attorney general of Texas Ken Paxton has stated that he is willing to defend the state law that bans homosexuality should the Supreme Court decide to re-visit the rulings that allowed same-sex relationships and marriage.

Ken Paxton
AG Ken Paxton. Screenshot @ BitChute

Ken Paxton Statement on Sodomy Law

LifeSite News reported that Texas AG Ken Paxton was asked in an interview on June 24 whether he would be willing to defend a state law banning sodomy and he answered yes. He was cited in the story as:

Yes. I mean there’s all kinds of issues here, but certainly the Supreme Court has stepped into issues that I don’t think there’s any constitutional provisions dealing with.

Pressed further on the state law, Paxton stated that if it’s constitutional, it needs to be defended, adding that his job is ti defend state laws and he’ll continue to do so.

The New York Post reminded of the key Supreme Court ruling that set the precedent for legalizing homosexuality nationally and banning states from making sodomy illegal. The two key rulings in this regard are Lawrence v. Texas (2003), in which the court forbade states from outlawing consensual gay sex, Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) that ruled same-sex marriage a constitutional right.

The Left’s Response to AG Paxton’s Statement

A number of leftist media outlets and blogs took aim at AG Paxton for his stance on the state law banning sodomy. PerezHilton.com ran the title story that Paxton wants to criminalize gay sex.

The Republican had no qualms about openly declaring a desire to defend state laws that take LGBTQ+ people’s rights away.

Philadelphia Gay News wrote that Justice Thomas of the Supreme Court and AG Ken Paxton want to bring back “anti-gay sodomy laws” and cited Rochelle Garza, the Democrat candidate for the AG office, as:

We MUST kick Ken Paxton out of office this Nov.

Pro-abortion liberals launched a nationwide campaign of street protests and harassment of notable conservative figures and institutions, mainly the conservative Supreme Court judges after Roe v. Wade was overturned on June 24, 2022.

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