Inspiration for Your Home: Ideas and Philosophy

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When it comes to finding inspiration for your home, especially with respect to ideas and philosophy, there are more options than ever for you to look into. It might take a little bit of organization on your part to find out the types of places you prefer to look for the kind of projects you’re looking into, but once you have that basic framework set, the sky is really the limit.

Five places, in particular, you can look for this inspiration include looking at the work of designers and architects, scanning through popular magazines, looking at the great outdoors, thinking about the content of books and the lives of characters in them, and then perusing the latest TV and film explorations.

Designers and Architects

When you look at modern designers, you can’t help but be taken aback by the beauty that they present in many of their structures and creations. Money isn’t necessarily going to be an issue, as long as you get the general idea of tone, texture, and flow that they are putting out in their concepts. In fact, the more that you approach it from a DIY perspective, the more customized it will look, and the happier you will be with the results.

Popular Magazines

Reading popular design magazines will also give you plenty of inspiration for your home. Some of the articles present amazing sets of photographs, and they will often even have interviews from the artists and designers that will give you some more insight into the mind that created them. The more information that you have regarding the specific topics that you want, the better your own projects are going to end up.

The Great Outdoors

There are lots of designs you can come up with by studying the great outdoors. If you are working on landscapes, then obviously you’re going to look for your inspiration in nature. However, you’d be surprised how many color palettes will interest you from the outside, that would look just as good inside. Consider for a minute how awesome a kitchen would look like designed in the greens and blues of a forest and the skyline.

Books and Characters

Another way to find inspiration for your home, especially when it comes to philosophy, is if you think about books and the characters in them. You could come up with a Harry Potter styled room for a child’s study or bedroom for instance. Your imagination can really lead you to interesting places if you think from a narrative perspective.

TV and Film

And finally, if you look at set design on TV and film productions, you may find some inspiration for your home as well. The professionals who design all of these backgrounds have an amazing knowledge of color, structure, form and function, so using their wisdom to benefit your own home is definitely something that could be considered a benefit of creative thinking.

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