Hungary Fans Chase British Police Away at Wembley

Tuesday, October 12, was showtime at Wembley (northwest London) when spirited Hungary fans pushed back on British police at England’s World Cup qualifying soccer game against Hungary. The videos of the incident went viral and made news worldwide.

Sky Sports reported that Hungary fans clashed with police after the Hungarians jeered at England players, who took a knee prior to the game kick-off in a display of activism against alleged racism.

Jeers could be heard from the away end as the England players took a knee to show their support for the fight against racism before kick-off.

The story tells that after clashes broke out in the away section, British police on duty tried to control the crowd. However, the police were “forced into the concourse” by Hungarian spectators.

RTÉ described the clash at the stadium involving British police in more detail.

A large number of police then arrived and some were raining baton blows on fans, many of whom climbed over a barrier and were punching and kicking the security personnel.

Hungary Fans Wembley
Image by lino9999 from Pixabay

Support for Hungary Fans on Social Media

While left-wing news sources presented the story as a somewhat insignificant incident that was quickly controlled by the police, widespread support for the Hungarian spectators was seen on social media. On VK, one person wrote “Well done Hungary” and called the British police “fucking cowards” who got a “taste of their own medicine” – referring to the harsh treatment of British civilians on the streets who refuse to comply with the draconian COVID restrictions of the government in the recent weeks.

Another VK user posted the video and commented:

Metropolitan system Pigs being run out Wembley by Hungary  supporters.

“Hungary Fans” also trended on Twitter after the match and many applauded the Hungarian spectators for putting the British police in its place. One Twitter user tweeted, “well done Hungary fans no kneeling” with the video post.

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