4 Educational Journeys For Your Children To Expand Their Worldview

As a parent, you want to give your child the best chance for an education that you can. Part of this is trying to make sure that they do well in school. But, another part might be you taking them on an educational journey. This adventure can be in conjunction with the vacation, but the focus on some aspect of getting smarter plays a prominent role in certain types of trips.

If you have the opportunity, you might want to take your children on a cruise, or a historical tour of some sort. You may want to go on a train ride with them or visits some national parks. Each of those ideas allows you to showcase an educational aspect of the place that you are going to or the places that you are going through during your travels.


Most parents probably wouldn’t consider taking a child on a cruise. They would think about a cruise as all-you-can-eat buffets, dancing in the moonlight, or lots of adults drinking at a bar. However, there are lots of ways that cruises can be the perfect educational opportunities for entire families. It’s a perspective like none other with the openness of the seas, and it also is a way to have a captive audience. On the ship, you can’t go anywhere, so if the educational experience is present, you have to be a part of it!

Historical Tours

There are all sorts of historical tours you can go on all around the world. The entire planet is a big history lesson. Children can have their eyes opened to all sorts of fascinating aspects of humanity, simply by going on a premeditated journey from point A to point B. Historical tours are often not all that expensive either, as they are in conjunction with non-profit organizations in many cases.

Riding On a Train

It’s amazing to think about how many children have never ridden on the train. Because cars and airplanes are much more convenient in the modern world, kids don’t get much of a chance to appreciate the concept of train travel. Educationally, train travel was such an immensely important part of history, so it’s worth considering even going on a short journey so that your children see what it’s like on the rails.

Visiting National Parks

And finally, something that can be a delightful mixture of vacation and education would be visiting national parks. If you instill in your child an appreciation of nature, they will have a much broader view of how they fit into the world. National parks can give children especially a sense of space in life. Cities and towns can feel very small, but the first time you see a mountain, a desert, or vast forest, your perspective can broaden significantly.

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