4 Gift Ideas For Your First Wedding Anniversary

Getting married is something that’s incredibly exciting and the first year together is extra special. When you reach your first year check mark you are filled with a sense of satisfaction that few other things can compare to.

Traditionally, couples celebrate each year of their marriage together by exchanging gifts and anniversary cards from Hallmark. Sometimes when you aren’t sure what to gift your significant other the stress of what to gift them can overshadow the celebration itself. Rather than letting your indecisiveness take over your enjoyment of reaching this important moment, here are some ideas that you can choose from.

A Vacation

Nothing says I love you more than hanging out by the pool in a sunny location. Why not surprise your wife or husband with a romantic getaway vacation. There is nothing quite like opening a card and seeing 2 plane tickets fall out.

You can choose a destination which both of you have been wanting to check out together for a while, or perhaps it is a sentimental location where you both created memories together. Whatever the place is that you choose, creating memories together on a special vacation is a great way to spend your very first anniversary.

A Couples Photo Shoot

Taking photos tougher with a professional photographer isn’t just something nice for the two of you, but also something that your children and grandchildren can enjoy for years to come.

Try finding an original concept which you will both enjoy. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it and make it something enjoyable rather than stressing about whether you are a model or not. The idea is just to express your love through photos that you can look back on and smile.

A Pet

If you aren’t ready for kids yet after only one year of marriage, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. A pet is something that is a little less commitment than kids but also creates a shared bond and someone to look after together as a couple.

You can choose any sort of animal that you want but typically a dog or cat is a good choice. If you don’t want to get a puppy or kitten, an adoption animal is a way to not only give a meaningful gift but also help the life of an animal in need.

A New Furniture Piece For Your Home

Since you are now building your lives together not only emotionally but also through your home, you may want to consider a piece of furniture for your home. This can either be something that you choose together or maybe you know your spouse’s taste so well that you choose something as a surprise.

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