Dictatorship: Zelenskyy Bans Political Opposition, Seizes Media Control

Ukraine’s president Zelenskyy has officially become a dictator by banning opposition political parties in the country. On top of it, he has ordered bringing all TV news channels under government control.

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The Zelenskyy Ban

The Gateway Pundit reported today that Zelenskyy declared ban on all opposition parties until the existing martial law is over. The excuse used to ban opposition parties is his own accusation of them as “pro-Russian.” The list of parties banned under this order includes all opposition parties, as reported by The Gateway Pundit, including the largest opposition party Opposition Platform-For Life (OPFL), which represents millions of Ukrainians.

If a similar action were to happen in the United States, it would be as though Biden stripped Republicans of all political influence.

Illegal Ban

Russia Today reported that OPFL called Zelenskyy’s ban on opposition “illegal” and said his party would challenge the ban. The story also cited Anatoly Shariy, blogger and founder of Party of Shariy commenting that Zelenskyy’s real target is two opposition parties, his own and OPFL; but that he declared a categorical ban to avoid criticism.

Zelenskyy complemented his ban on opposition parties with another policy that ends independent reporting of news on TV channels in the country. He signed a law allowing what is titled “unified information policy” – i.e. merging all national TV news channels into one platform. Russia Today reported that the measure was taken citing martial law powers.

Martial Law

Citing martial law, the decree signed by the leader on March 19 says the goal is to combat “active dissemination of misinformation by the aggressor state (Russia).”   

Yahoo News featured a story by The Week that cited Zelenskyy calling the media control measure necessary to counter Russian misinformation and “tell the truth about the war.”

It’s known now that Ukraine’s government has neo-Nazi forces in its military. Banning opposition parties and taking control of the news channels mark the end of democracy in Ukraine, leaving it a one-state party with no free speech and a dictator instead of a president representing the people of Ukraine.

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