Is Biden’s Rant against Nudity Triggered by Hunter’s Laptop Story?

Recently when Joe Biden went on a rant about people in intimate relationships sharing compromising images of their partners online, he was mocked for it in news and on social media. The question of his motive for this rant came up and Sky News pointed to the possible connection to Biden’s son Hunter.

Mainstream media acted deaf and blind on Hunter Biden’s laptop story even as it repeatedly revealed his involvement in drugs and prostitution. The media was missing in action when a new video  was leaked last summer showing Hunter Biden in a hotel room telling a woman that he lost a laptop with videos on it that show him engaged in crazy sex acts. This was reportedly the third laptop that he lost.

While the authorities and media kept silent on Hunter Biden’s ongoing scandal for two years, Joe Biden called the laptop scandal Russian smear campaign against him shortly before the 2020 election.

Hunter Biden laptop story
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Why NYT Would Admit Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story

Now, however, the New York Times (NYT) has admitted that Hunter’s laptop story is true, and the development came at about the same time Biden ranted about the need for holding those accountable who share compromising images of people with whom they are intimate.

Commenting on the NYT story, Fox News show Fox & Friends anchors were left guessing the motive of the leftist publication for authenticating the laptop story after ignoring it for 17 months. Their discussion suggested three important points:

  1. The NYT has realized that Hunter Biden may face indictment over his financial scandal. Therefore the NYT has to fix their history of denying and covering up the laptop story.
  2. The NYT may be trying to disqualify Joe Biden from running in 2024 and get someone else to replace him.
  3. The suppression of the story for 17 months by NYT and the leftist mainstream media helped Biden score an election victory.

While the last point may be irrelevant, given the large-scale evidence of massive election rigging in 2020’s presidential election, the other two points regarding the motive for acknowledging the story now are important.

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