How to Find a Good Hotel Before Travelling to Paris

Paris, the eternal city of lovers, culture, fine food and wine, and lots of fabulous attractions to visit, and take pictures of. To get the most from your stay you need a good base, which means booking accommodation that suits your budget, tastes and needs, and is situated in a convenient location for what you plan to do.

Looking around at hotels advertising online the process of actually choosing and booking a room can quickly become a logistical nightmare – after all, every site has great images and makes amazing promises – so how can you know what is accurate and what is merely wishful thinking on their part?

The trick is to step back, take your time, and perhaps make use of the useful hints and tips we outline below on how to find a good hotel which is perfect for you, before you actually travel to Paris.

Tip #1 – Do some research on hotel types

Of course like in any city there are some top class big name hotels to stay at, and if you like having the guarantee of luxury and top notch service you can’t really go wrong by simply looking online for the major hitters, but there are plenty of other good options too. Apart from chain hotels there are small, independent places which are more similar to the European B & B model, as well as boutique hotels. You may be choosing based solely on budget, but these all offer quite a unique experience too – ranging from small-time, cosy to large scale formal, so it helps to narrow the field if you are clear what you prefer before you start looking seriously.

Tip #2 – Don’t over rely on comparison sites

They have their place, and can actually be really useful, but they don’t all cover every hotel – meaning you need to do several searches on such sites to have a good idea of what is available, the prices can actually be cheaper if you book directly through the hotel itself, and most importantly , perhaps, not all hotels use them – which means you could be missing out on some fantastic deals and places.

Tip #3 – Ask real people

This could be as simple as calling a few travel agents and asking for suggestions, or using social media to elicit first-hand experiences and recommendations from people you actually know. The latter is doubly useful as you can easily read their opinions in context because you know the people sharing them; so if your famously frugal friend tells you a particular hotel was amazing but a bit expensive you may still feel confident about checking out the lead! Another option is to look at online forums where travel in Paris is a discussion topic, or even join a site for expats and ask for recommendations from those actually on the ground.

By using either one or a combination of these tips it should be a little easier for you to find Paris Hotels before you set off to explore and enjoy the city.

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