Saudi Arabia to End Yemen War after China-Brokered Peace Deal

The disastrous Yemen war between the Saudi-led coalition and Iran-supported Houthi rebels in Yemen can finally come to an end as Saudi Arabia has taken important steps in the direction to end the war, thanks to a recent peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran mediated by China.

Yemen War
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Yemen War in Short

The Saudi-led coalition started its war against Yemeni Houthi rebels in March 2015 after the Houthis rose in arms in 2014 against the Saudi-backed government of Yemen. Many organizations and media have accused Iran of providing military and logistic support to the Houthis but Iran has repeatedly denied the reports, stating that it supports the Houthis just politically. The nearly 8-year-long Yemen war has left over 150, 000 dead in the country directly by the war and many more by famine and lack of health services caused by the war.

The Breakthrough

Lat month, eight years after the war between Yemeni Houthis and the Saudi-coalition started, China brokered a historic peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia – the two arch rivals in Middle East whose political confrontation goes way back to the teachings of Islam each nation follows. By the deal, the two countries agreed to restore diplomatic relations after 7 years. While the deal sparked renewed hope for an end to Yemen war, mainstream media in the west reported that the deal raises concern for the U.S.

End of Yemen War

As part of the deal, Iran agreed to stop arming the Houthis, according to Arab News. The agreement indicated a major step toward peace in Yemen. On April 7, 2023, news of Saudi Arabia holding peace talks with the Yemeni presidential leadership council and informing the council of its decision to end the war in Yemen made news. American and western media didn’t highlight the news but independent voices on social media called the development historic in nature.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia declared ending the blockade of Yemen that had blocked imports and supplies to Yemen for 8 years, leading to a serious humanitarian crisis.

“The announcement signals progress in peace talks with the Houthi rebel group in the north, ” reported Aljazeera.

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