Twitter Fact-Checks Obama on Deaths of Children by Guns

In the wake of the recent shooting in Nashville, TN, former President Barack Obama tried to use the incident to blame guns by making a sweeping statement about deaths of children in America. But he was fact-checked quickly and reminded of some more by conservatives and libertarians.

Obama deaths of children by guns
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Obama’s Claim on Deaths of Children

The shooting at a Christian school in Nashville killed 6 people including 3 nine-year-old children. The killer was a transgender, a 28-year-old man identifying as a woman and named Audrey Hale. But instead of blaming the mental health issues of the transgender shooter for the deaths of children, Obama took to Twitter to repeat the cliched liberal claim of guns killing people. He tweeted:

We are failing our children. Guns are now the leading cause of death for children in the U.S.”

Dose of Reality by Twitter Users

Many comments followed on Obama’s post, correcting him over his claim and reminding him of some of the horrors that happened in his presidency.

Bill Speros, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and sports editor, posted CDC statistics to remind Obama that gun violence was not the number one cause of deaths of children in America.

Another comment called Obama’s post “very misleading” as the Biden’s White House used ages 1 to 24 to count children’s deaths while legally a child is under 18 years of age.

Michael White, a Libertarian candidate for US Congress, questioned the CDC data too, pointing out that it included 18 and 19 year olds among children.

Some reminded Obama of his atrocities against children and called him out for daring to lecture others with such a record. One comment snapped at Obama:

You murdered a 16 year old American Boy with a drone strike at a public cafe and you lecture us?”

The comment was referring to the killing of 16-year-old Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi, an American citizen, who along with a number of others was killed at a cafe in Yemen in a drone bombing ordered by Obama in 2011. The incident was widely condemned and the Amnesty International called it illegal.

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