Film Liberals Hate ‘Definitely’ Allowed on Twitter, Says Musk

Free speech advocates were disappointed and raised questions about censorship on Twitter when the platform reportedly denied the permission to stream Matt Walsh’s documentary film What Is A Woman? However, Elon Musk soon responded and assured that the film will “definitely” be allowed on Twitter.

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Musk Comes to the Film’s Defense

“This was a mistake by many people at Twitter. It is definitely allowed, “ Musk wrote on Twitter on Thursday (June 1st) in response to Jeremy Boreing, the co-founder of Daily Wire that distributed the movie. Earlier in the day, Boreing had posted that Twitter canceled a deal to allow Daily Wire a premier What Is A Woman? for free due to two instances of “misgendering.”

The Film’s Content

What Is A Woman? features presenter Matt Walsh questioning the far-left’s relatively recent activism that calls for gender fluidity, advocating the right of people to decide their own gender and change it if/when they don’t feel like being the same gender anymore. Walsh goes to show that such an approach is against science and reason. Liberals have generally condemned the film as transphobic and biased to the degree of being dangerous.

Soon after Boreing announced Twitter‘s cancellation of the film’s premier on the platform, conservatives started asking Musk what was wrong with Twitter again. Graham Allen, Army Combat Veteran and conservative commentator, demanded answers from Musk in a video message.

The New CEO of Twitter

Some commenters posted on Allen’s video what they think is the reason behind Twitter’s renewed attempts of cancellation of content that disturbs liberals: Twitter’s new CEO

Linda Yaccarino, who is considered a leftist social justice warrior by conservatives familiar with her history.

While Musk didn’t specifically mention Yaccarino’s role in the cancellation issue with What Is A Woman? premier, he tried to show he supports the film by tweeting out the documentary’s video with his personal note: “Every parent should watch this.”

However, it didn’t stop free speech advocates from asking whether Musk will take action against those who were involved in the initial censorship of the film. One such comment asked: “Are you looking into or firing those who were complicit in its unjustified censorship?”

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