Your Virtual Office in Budapest

When you incorporate a company in Budapest you are required to have an office where your organization will have a registered address. This office can be located in an office building or it can be located in a private residence, but no matter where it is physically located it will need to be certified and registered according to the laws of Hungary. This applies even if you only want a virtual office in the country. For those who wish for expert advice and handling of office space needs, FirmaX can offer virtual offices with comfortable and convenient physical space in downtown Budapest.

A registered company anywhere in Hungary must have a physical office in Budapest. This is where your company’s accounts and records are kept on file so they can be inspected on an annual basis, more or less. FirmaX is in the business of providing these kind of spaces, as well as post office address service for companies both old and new in the country. They can work efficiently and quickly with startups or with old established brands from around the world. One of the best reasons to go with FirmaX is that you can have the required registered office space in Budapest without having to rent out and maintain a full-blown office in a building. You simply rent a virtual office from Firmax at an inexpensive pay-as-you-use rate that is very cost effective.

Firmax also offers a professional phone answering service that insures your clients and vendors can reach you 24/7 — even the numerous Hungarian holidays are covered, and with live operators, so that no matter when someone calls your business they will be able to speak to a live person. Because FirmaX is the leading firm for company registration in Hungary, they can offer an economy of scale on such services that are rarely, if ever, matched by the competition in the whole country.

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