The Benefits of Studying Your Master’s Online

Technology is rapidly changing the world that we live in and the sphere of careers and education are no exception to this phenomenon. Each year, an increasing amount of people are choosing to study their degrees online. An online master’s degree suits a wide variety of people because it is flexible to around work and social commitments, and they are just a fraction of the cost of a traditional master’s degree – with student accommodation no longer required. This type of study is growing in popularity because it opens so many doors to careers that were previously very challenging to enter. So, whether you’re just out of college or you’re looking for a career change, here’s why an online course will suit your needs.


One of the biggest advantages of studying your master’s online is that you can you can keep your current job. This means that you will not have to worry about how to cover the cost of bills while you study. Of course, this requires a huge amount of motivation, but you can study over the weekend and during the weekends with ease but due to the nature of an online degree.

Some workplaces will facilitate or even fund their employees to learn new skills, as this will eventually benefit the company since it is in their interest to keep their employees’ education at a consistently high level. It is worth talking to your employer about your plans to study an online master’s degree and they may offer to support you, whether financially or by allowing you to change your shifts.

If you decide to complete a master’s outside the workplace, it is important to consider whether you have enough time to commit to the program offered. It can be counter-productive if you begin to under-perform at work because you are studying too hard, or vice versa. But, the flexibility this form of study provides should help you strike the right balance to suit you.


This is a massive benefit to studying a master’s online. You can even move countries and would still be able to maintain your study program. If your life is full of changes at the moment – perhaps you are moving or have recently started a family – distance learning allows you to pick the hours you study and can fit around a busy schedule.

The fact you can study anywhere means that, once you find a calm, relaxed environment that is conducive to your study, you will have a lot of freedom when you study. Some people choose to assign a special room to their online study program to avoid distractions and ensure that they get their work done in peace. Maintaining a good study-life balance is imperative to studying an online master’s, because you will not be able to perform well in your degree if you do not get ample time to rest. Studying in your bedroom is not advised because it can affect your ability to rest and you may begin to experience exhaustion as a result of this.

If you are eager to achieve a master’s degree from a reputable university or study centre, studying online is the perfect way to study at some of the best educational centres in the world without having to travel to the campus daily or move to another city. Some of the most established universities offer degree programs, such as the UNSW Online master’s from the University of New South Wales.

Reduced Costs

Studying a master’s can be a very expensive process and funding a full-time study program is becoming exceedingly challenging. Studying online is significantly cheaper than attending a traditional master’s degree program and you will receive a qualification of the same calibre.

Some students may be concerned that they will not receive the support needed to excel in an online master’s degree, however one-on-one tuition with a highly-qualified tutor is included in the cost of studying on the majority of online programs. This is why it is important to research the programs as the levels of support – and costs – vary greatly depending on the institution.


From neuroscience to nursing, there is an increasing choice of online master’s programs to choose from. However, it is worth researching which programs will accept your bachelor’s degree and which accept any subject of undergraduate level qualification.

When choosing a master’s program, it is important that you are honest with yourself about your capacity to study online. If you are embarking on a completely novel subject, you will need to explore whether you have the ability to learn complex theory and content literature from scratch.

Deciding what to choose for your master’s degree can become overwhelming, as you are able to pick a subject that is much more specific than a bachelor’s degree. Here are a few tips to help you with this decision:

  • Make sure this is a decision you make independently – your friends and family are heavily invested in your happiness and they will want to help you with this decision, however they may push you into a decision you would not have made otherwise. Respect advice from friends and family but don’t feel pressured to follow it.
  • It is worth investing time in researching the best master’s programs online – the cheapest degree or the most famous establishment may not necessarily offer the right course for you. There are important factors you must consider when making your decision, including the length of the program offered and whether you have the right undergraduate degree to be accepted on to the program.
  • Consider what you wish to gain from the master’s – are you motivated by your desire for a role that is unattainable without a master’s degree? It is worth reading job specifications for your desired role to ensure that the master’s program you are hoping to study will prepare you for this job.
  • How will you use your knowledge gained in five or ten years? Is this course something that’ll nourish your career in the long-term, or more something that’ll get you your desired job in the short-term? You should weight up the costs and benefits before launching into your decision.

Deciding which subject to choose for a master’s can be challenging, but it is best to focus on the positives in this instance and embrace the fact you can study such a wide variety of degrees from home.

Support is Available

The quantity of support you will receive during your online master’s is one of the most common concerns for potential students. Studying at a traditional university is an extremely social environment and often involves a variety of practical modules that are not possible for online students.

However, support from qualified lecturers is one of the principal elements of an online degree, and you will receive more personal and academic support online than you will from a traditional master’s program within a university in many cases. Messaging services, email and regular VoIP calls will ensure that you stay in regular contact with tutors as they support you through any academic challenges you may face.

Qualified students will also be on hand to help you through any personal issues you may face during the completion of your master’s. It is important that you accept the responsibility of staying in contact with your tutor so that they know how you’re getting on and how you’re handling the workload.

Studying an online master’s requires motivation and hard work, but there are so many benefits in challenging yourself to fulfil your academic potential and achieve the role of your dreams.

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