Vaccine Mandate Killing NYC Restaurants

The Democrat government’s policy of forcing the COVID 19 vaccine on people is destroying businesses, and one of the worst affected places is the predominantly liberal New York City (NYC). Majority of people aren’t eating out now due to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate in the state and it is killing the NYC restaurants.

NYC restaurants loss
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The Epoch Times reported today that business at some NYC restaurants is down 40 to 60 percent, particularly those that don’t have an outdoor dining area where people can take their food and eat by some natural attraction, like a lake. The story cited Fergal Burke, the owner of O’Donoghue’s restaurant in NYC, as:

We don’t want this mandate, we want nothing to do with this.

Burke also told the paper how it made no sense that the subway was crowded with people with no requirement to show proof of vaccination but NYC restaurants had to ask for proof of vaccination and lose customers. Another restaurant manager, Stratis Morfogen, told the paper it was fundamentally wrong for the government to mandate a pharmaceutical product irrespective of their medical history.

Government Threats to NYC Restaurants

Recently, One America News also reported on the draconian mandates of the Biden administration being enforced via law enforcement in New York City. One restaurateur told the network that he refused to enforce the “unconstitutional mandate” but the inspector checking on his business threatened him with canceling his liquor license unless he enforced the mandate. To save his dozens of employees from going jobless, he now has to abide by the government’s orders.

Florida’s Fight against Vaccine Mandate

Contrary to left-wing states that are actively enforcing vaccine mandates and putting people out of business and employment, conservative states in the country are working to allow people freedom of health choice and protection of their civil rights. Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, has warned businesses against requiring vaccination proof for employees or to serve customers. Newsweek reported that DeSantis announced fines of $5000 per violation of his order against the enforcement of Biden’s vaccine mandate.

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