Biden and Media Caught Creating Fake White House Background

The leftist media networks are in an embarrassing silence after Joe Biden performed in a staged vaccination act with a fake White House background that was revealed via raw footage.

On September 27, mainstream media networks showed Biden taking the COVID 19 booster shot – the third shot recommended by the health authorities – in front of the press. Apparently it happened in the White House and here is how the mainstream media showed the event to audiences.

But when the raw footage of the event showing a long shot of the scene was posted to the internet, Twitter burst in laughs and sarcasm. The background of the Presidential White House was nothing more than a theatrical prop placed behind Biden on a recording stage.

The Western Journal wrote on September 29 that Biden’s surroundings are theatrical rather than presidential.

As you can imagine, the president was promptly scorched for this rather literal interpretation of political theater.

The story linked to various Twitter threads where Biden was mocked for faking it and the credibility of the claim that Biden indeed received a booster was also questioned.

Republican politician and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wrote on her website that even left-wing comedian Stephen Colbert couldn’t help asking what was going on there using the fake White House windows on the stage.

Even left-wing late-night host Stephen Colbert mocked Biden over the theatrics.

Commemorator and filmmaker Del Bigtree showed a picture of the stage on which the event was held from a different angle, showing the windows prop creating a fake White House background that the mainstream media would air in a close shot as if Biden was actually sitting in the White House office.

Biden Fake White House
Screenshot@ BitChute

Bigtree also speculated over why Biden would immediately be allowed to get up and walk away when every patient taking the COVID shot has to be monitored for at least 15 minutes. He said what was given to Biden could not have been the COVID vaccine.

Meanwhile the mainstream media has maintained a tell-take silence after the social media and many skeptics of Biden’s booster shot act raised questions over the use of fake White House windows prop.

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