Jeff Breault – Why It Is Worth Doing What You Love

Jeff Breault is a man who has spent his entire life doing exactly what he loves, and this has brought him considerable benefits. Jeff Breault is a highly influential and successful CEO of an automotive company and serves as an inspiration to anyone wishing to pursue their dreams and make them into a reality.

Jeff and I have been friends for almost 50 years, and I am immensely proud of how everything has worked out for him. It is probably evident that Jeffrey Breault is a huge car fanatic and this is precisely why he has forged himself a career from this passion. Having watched Jeff and his career unfold, here is why it is worth doing what you love.


First of all, the most important reason people should always try to do something they love is because it will make them happier. Over the years I have seen Jeff become more content and happier as life has gone on and knowing him like I do I know that this is because of the career which he has made for himself. There may be the odd day when Jeff isn’t up for going to work, but there have probably only been about 15 of these in his life because his job is his passion and his passion is his job.


It is fair to say that we meet most people in our lives either in our job and through our job and this is usually a great place to make friends. In Jeff’s case, he has amassed a wonderful circle of friends and the reason being is that they all love what he does. Many of us will end up meeting people through our job who we just don’t mesh well with because of our different passions but this is not something which happens to Jeff Breault, and most of his friends are just like me, petrolheads and auto fanatics.


Growing up and going through college Jeff was always quite uptight and he was always stressing over one thing or another. Since his late 20s however, that is no longer the Jeff Breault that I know and love and he is probably one of the most chilled out people that I know. I have friends who have issues with their stress levels, and in some cases, it can be tough to watch. In Jeff’s case however, this is not the way and he is as far from stressed as you can imagine. He still feels the pressure of course but nowhere near what people think a powerful CEO might be going through; Jeff just rolls with the punches with a smile on his face.

For anyone who has a passion of their own, I would recommend following Jeff’s example and try to forge a career out of it.

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