Jonathan Levin Philadelphia – The Benefits of Spending a Lifetime at Home

For my good buddy Jonathan Levin, Philadelphia was always somewhere that he wanted to spend his life and career, and he has been true to his word. We started out as kids in northeast Philly, the ‘misfits’ they called us in jest and while I left after college to go to New York, Jonathan was determined to become the best attorney that the city had ever seen.

Jonathan would go on to become a serial winner in the courtroom, helping out many a client no matter what funds they had and helping to fight against rich and greedy businesses. During his life, Jonathan has never lived anywhere else in the city, let alone the state, and these are the benefits he has enjoyed.


Before Jonathan was born, his family had lived in Philadelphia for over a century which was part of the reason he was happy to commit to living here during his life. There is a certain familiarity gained just from being in your home town that just cannot be replaced anywhere else, especially if the family has their roots firmly planted into their home city or town. Jonathan has always been someone who loved the community, and this is something difficult to replace when going elsewhere.


Life is very easy when you stay in the same place for the duration and over time you get to know your home inside and out. This means that it is easy to know the best places to go, the best stores to buy from and the right people to go to when there is an issue. This level of familiarity is certainly difficult to replicate.


For anyone who leaves their home town, pride is often tested, and it can be easy to get swept up in someone else’s home town pride. For me in New York, for example, it was challenging to remember my roots when the New York feeling is so infectious and once exposed to it, it can be easy to get carried away. This is, of course, something which Jonathan has never had to contend with and he is someone who is immensely proud of his city and state. In fact, when Jonathan represents people, he will often feel as though he is representing ‘his’ people, something which is, of course, a great source of pride.


Jonathan loves the fact that he and his family are part of the history of Philadelphia and very much part of the fabric here in the city. Given that Philly is such a historically significant city, this gives Jonathan even more reason to be happy with his decision to stay here and be part often next generation who will take his home town forward.

Traveling and living elsewhere is great, but it is not always the best idea for many.

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