4 Industries That Will Especially Benefit From Tech Upgrades

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While many companies use technology in some way, it seems that some industries are more likely than others to benefit from the continual improvements in tech devices and innovations.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at four industries that are getting a major boost from the the technology that powers them.

Security Camera Systems

Gone are the days when homeowners have to rewind miles of VHS tape to see who might have been knocking at their door earlier in the day. Today’s security camera systems can now be monitored on the fly. For instance, Lorex offers home security camera systems that feature remote monitoring; by using their intuitive and reliable mobile apps, homeowners can stay up to date on their property when they are not there. In addition to this innovative feature, their many security camera systems feature night vision that allows them to literally “see” in the dark; instead of super-grainy footage or having to place the cameras near a light source, these security cameras can capture clear footage even in the middle of the night.

The Healthcare Industry

Advances in information technology have been a crucial part of the healthcare industry for some time – and there is no reason to believe that this industry will not continue to benefit from amazing tech. As Information Age notes, electronic medical filing systems have allowed medical clinics to eliminate reams of paperwork, and more and more surgical rooms now include robots that can help during medical procedures. In addition, thanks to innovative personal technology devices like the Apple Watch, people who wear the watch can use its powerful sensors to help them live a healthier life. For example, the Apple Watch checks for heart rates that are unusually high or low on its health app – this type of data can be recorded and then shared with the wearer’s physician.

Banking and Finance

According to RapidScale, advancements in cloud-based technology have led to big improvements in security in the financial industry – this includes encrypted information and limited access credentials for confidential data. And thanks to tighter security, customer billing and interaction is safer. In addition, advancements to smartphone technology is also making our financial lives easier than ever. Systems like Google Pay allow you to pay for your purchases with the swipe of a phone, and you can now take care of all of your banking including making payments, checking balances and more through your smartphone.

Smart Home Technology

Homeowners used to think it was pretty amazing to have a programmable thermostat system in their house. Now, thanks to advancements in smart home technology, people can ask smart speaker home devices to crank the heat up or turn the A/C on. Companies like Amazon that create these amazing devices that can handle a wide variety of commands around the house will continue to benefit from ever-changing technology. As tech advances, Alexa and other devices are expected to perform an increasing number of tasks.

Technology Is Here to Help

It’s clear that for many industries, technology will help to expand the number and type of products and services that they offer. From innovative home security camera systems and being able to pay for your groceries with a quick swipe of a phone, to homes that are run by a central tech unit and a robot that may help save lives, it is exciting to see how far technology has brought many industries, as well as think about where these same industries will go in the future.