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Any business that sells a product or service online, needs to give its customers confidence that their online financial interactions are secure. People who purchase on the Internet are very aware that Internet fraud and identity theft are serious dangers, and if your website has Secure Sockets Layer (ssl certificates) installed on your server, your site will have three symbols that customers know mean your site is secure.

Security Logos on the Website

When your site is opened, a padlock symbol will appear in your customer’s browser. The URL will have the https prefix and a site seal will be on your website. The browser bar will also appear green in the newer versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer indicating that your site is safe.

Different Levels of Security

Not all businesses, organizations or government offices require the same level of online security. There are several levels of certificates from which to choose for your business. Only limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, government organizations and NGOs qualify for the highest level of security.

The simplest level is considered essential for all website owners that require sensitive, personal information for small ecommerce transactions. This may be all you need in the beginning stages of a start-up. The next level is for established ecommerce businesses that already have a high customer base. Large ecommerce sellers that serve thousands of customers from different locations on your website, such as a shopping cart or the customer account section will require even more protection in different areas of their website. The strongest security is only for businesses that require a high level of customer trust such as a bank, NGO or government organization.


Your domain and business need to be validated by a certificate authority. This is similar to a passport or driver’s license for you website. It proves your identity and credentials. After validation, the security logos will appear on your website. These logos are linked to information about security that customers can access. The simplest level of security is in place almost immediately. The next level takes about 24 hours and the highest lever may take from four to five days.


Most certificates come with a warranty. This means if customers suffer a loss, they will receive a cash amount. The simplest level of security usually has a warranty of $10,000 and the other levels may have a warranty of $250,000. The warranty is just another way to help customers feel safe and confident that their information is secure.

Certificates can be installed on most websites. The one requirement is that the website has a dedicated IP address. The address may be with the same company that provides the security or with a different company.

Whether you have a small or medium sized business, if you offer online payments or shopping, security will be the first thing customers look for on your website. With the right level of security, you can attract and keep customers and increase your conversion rate.