Ankara, Turkey July 01, 2015: Minecraft figure Herobrine

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Easily one of the most beloved and successful games of all time, Minecraft is largely unchanged since its initial 2009 release.

Though Mojang was always good about adding content to the game, it was the community that really stepped up in the years since the game’s debut, putting out some of the best content for the platform that modifies everything from the story to the gameplay.

Since its purchase by video games and software powerhouse Microsoft, Mojang has really stepped up to the plate and provided fans with continual upgrades to the core game. But they’ve largely left the graphics untouched – a curious oversight in the near decade since release.

Sure you could get a Shaders Mod from a community member before, but some of them were difficult to get working if they ever worked at all.

Now Mojang has turned its attention towards bringing Minecraft’s graphics into the 4K era and fans stand to benefit with an updated Minecraft experience that looks to totally change the face of the classic game while still maintaining its iconic feel.

Of course, as a major update, there is word that Microsoft will be charging for it, though an exact price is unknown at this point (an alleged listing on Wal-Mart for the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack pegged the price at $10 but that’s just a rumor).

Some people have complained about this as previous shaders mod and graphical updates were free community efforts.

As of press, the Super Duper Graphics pack does not have a release date although it was initially teased in 2017 which has led some to speculate that a release could be coming in 2018, or 2019 at the latest.

The Super Duper Graphics pack is also part of Mojang’s broader Better Together Update which seeks to unify Minecraft across all platforms which is a massive undertaking just by itself.

In terms of specific updates, the Super Duper Graphics pack will add to Minecraft it will bring volumetric lighting, improved and enhanced water textures, reflections on surfaces, dynamic shadows, object edge highlighting, highlights that reflect light on blocks, and 3D models for rails and foliage, among other things.

Basically the new pack ups the graphical fidelity and fleshes out a lot more of the Minecraft world without damaging the unique and beloved look of the game.

The Super Duper Graphics pack is literally being constructed from “the ground up” for Microsoft’s Xbox One X high-end gaming system and powerful Windows 10 personal computers.

Some analysts speculate that this will initially be an optional upgrade for Minecraft’s core graphics but eventually could tease the future look of the franchise.

And the visuals are truly striking.

Everything combines to create a world that straddles the real and the imaginary as reflective surfaces and flickering lights dazzle and dance in what were once fairly static environments.

The Super Duper Graphics pack seems like it will bring a hefty dose of atmosphere to the legendary video game and, in the process, could end up renewing Minecraft as a sandbox gaming platform.