Let’s Go Brandon Makes Hit Songs

When the sports correspondent for NBC embarrassed herself in trying to wash “Fuck Joe Biden” chant at a sports stadium with her lame “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan, she didn’t know she was going to make history. Not only has “Let’s Go Brandon” become a popular taunt for liberals, it’s now inspiring works in arts and entertainment.

Two songs by two different rappers that take the anti-Biden slogan “Let’s Go Brandon” became the latest top two hits on iTunes. According to Washington Times, Let’s Go Brandon by Bryson Gray held the top slot at the charts on Monday. Second to his was Loza Alexander’s song of the same title with one tiny difference – an apostrophe. Alexander’s song is titled Lets Go Brandon, that is, without the apostrophe in “Let’s”.

Let's Go Brandon songs
Screenshot @ YouTube & BitChute

Posted to YouTube on October 10, Alexander’s Lets Go Brandon has received over 3.5 million hits to date.

YouTube Bans Bryson’s Let’s Go Brandon

Known for its leftist political alliance, YouTube banned Let’s Go Brandon by Bryson Gray, who is a Christian conservative. Breitbart reported on October 23 that YouTube claimed it banned the song for medical misinformation. The story included Gray’s tweet asking YouTube what medical misinformation they found in his song. It later became apparent that YouTube didn’t like Gray including the lines in his song that the pandemic was planned and that Biden lied about the vaccines stopping the spread.

Gray said YouTube initially deleted the lyric version of the music video before the actual music video in which he wears a MAGA hat while holding an assault rifle.

“Banning my song means banning my art,” Gray told Russia Today.

Gray’s Song Posted to BitChute

Following the YouTube censorship, Bryson Gray’s Let’s Go Brandon was posted to alternative video sites including BitChute. The song begins with the sound bite of Joe Biden claiming in a speech that those taking the jab won’t get COVID19 – a claim that fell apart very soon as large numbers of vaccinated people started coming down with the disease and many dying of it with no protection offered by the shots.

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