People Unite Through RC The Rapper and Country Singer Jordan Shingoose

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RC The Rapper and Canadian First Nations country music singer Jordan Shingoose have connected and teamed up to release a new single Home to help people unite.

Around the world, many people have felt they are alone as their governments turned over all control to groups of unelected “health” bureaucrats who turned the power of government against the people.

‘Home’ by RC The Rapper and Jordan Shingoose

The collaboration between RC The Rapper and Jordan Shingoose is only one tiny part of the human reaction against the government tyranny that is affecting us all. But it is a very important part.

take me home
Take me home. video screenshot.

One of the messages in the words of the song is for the evil doers: “let them try with their lies meant to pull us apart.” Another important message is: “I’m not alone.”

Home is where we feel at peace
And we can have some privacy
Where I can voice my thoughts
And nobody tries to silence me

These two men bring their message of Home and Hope to all. Listen to their song below:

people unite home
People unite around Home. video screenshot.

Home is where there’s unity
Home is where we gather
Home is our communities
Home is the connection that we share when we trust
Home is not about me
Home is about us

For the Police in countries all over the world carrying out the evil commands of those currently in power, they have a special message:

And to the faceless storm troopers
Where is your humanity
Just following orders is no excuse for your insanity

The special message for everyone, everywhere, is that the insanity being piled onto all people could end quickly if we all stand up together. Their power only works as long as the people remain divided.

“I’m Not Alone, Take me home.”

See more of RC The Rapper at the website The website also includes a list of resources for those who don’t know where to look, to find useful information.

Truckers Convoy Protesting in Canada

Home by RC The Rapper comes at a time when resistance to COVID vaccine tyranny is building up in Canada. For anyone who still thinks they are alone, note that thousands of Canadian truckers are all getting together, leaving their own homes, to cross the country to take a message to the politicians. The truckers are building a convoy across thousands of miles, to bring a message of hope to the people and a message to end the tyranny of the politicians and those who have captured and corrupted them. The Gateway Pundit reported on January 26:

An estimated 50,000 Canadian truckers are traveling across Canada in a massive caravan protesting the COVID mandates.

The truckers are seeing good support from Canadian residents and young Canadians reportedly are joining the ride along with the truckers.

Government Tyranny and Media

What many people don’t yet understand is that they are not alone, and there are other people standing up to stop the government tyranny. The tyranny will continue until enough people stand up against it.

One major problem is that the people who have corrupted and coerced the governments also control most of big media and big tech. That means it is not easy to get messages of hope out. Thankfully, they don’t control every channel, every outlet, even though they have multiple ways of blocking the messaging. Free speech social media sites like Gab, VK, Gettr, Bitchute, Brighteon, Telegram, and Rumble etc. are getting popular by the day – a sign that more people are waking up to the key role of mainstream media and establishment-controlled social media in misinforming people on every key issue.

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