Alcaraz Given ‘Mystery’ Pills as Media Goes Silent

Is mainstream media the sworn enemy of tennis superstar Novak Djokovic? Fans of the Serbian tennis legend expressed their resentment against media for ignoring the consumption of pills by Djokovic’s main rival in contemporary tennis, the 20-year-old Spanish star Carlos Alcaraz.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz. screenshot @ Rumble

During his third-round match against British player Daniel Evans at the 2023 US Open in New York City, Alcaraz was handed a bottle of “mystery pills” (nobody knows what they were). The videos of the incident were posted widely on social media.

Questions about Media on Alcaraz

But where is the mainstream media that has criticized Novak Djokovic for one reason or another? That is the question fans of Djokovic are asking now on Twitter/X.

“Radio silence, ” wrote one Twitter/X account under the name Perfect Tennis.

Another person said he doesn’t care much but “if Djokovic did this, 40 articles would be made instantly.”

Sreeja Banik of Sportskeeda posted a story about Djokovic fans “taken aback” on spotting Carlos Alcaraz consuming unidentified pills during the match.

Media’s Attacks on Djokovic

Djokovic was targeted by mainstream media after he refused to take any of the COVID shots when the vaccine was made available for public use in 2021 and was quickly mandated worldwide for international travel in most countries. His refusal to take the vaccine cost him a number of important tennis tournaments and his Number One ATP ranking. Left-wing media like Forbes went after him and tried to dig into his business links.

However, Djokovic stood his ground and told media that he keeps his integrity above the fame and money that come with stardom and won’t give up his views for those benefits. As the mandates were dropped in many western countries, he made a powerful comeback and won the Wimbledon in 2022 as well as the Australian Open and French Open in 2023.

Despite being 36, a fairly advanced age in professional tennis, Djokovic has maintained incredible fitness and continues to regain the Number One slot at the ATP with young Carlos Alcaraz as his main competitor.

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