Euro Puppy – An Exclusive company for Specialist Purebred Puppy Lovers

Euro Puppy, the premium pure bred puppy company, is turning 18 years old this August.

In that time they have helped over 11,000 families find their furry friend. But for dog lovers who have never heard about them, it can surely be said that their specialist puppy service is very much regarded as Unique.

When people discover Euro Puppy, they often wonder what exactly they are about, how they work, and why they do it. This is because, even after two decades, the exclusive world of finding a purebred puppy online, and delivering it almost anywhere, is still seen as something very different and even strange.

A Worldwide Mission to Provide Perfect Purebred Puppies from Europe … .

From the very start in 2001 Euro Puppy has been helping a very specific niche of dog lovers to find their perfect puppy.

Since that day the expert team, already well established in the world of dog breeding, have been vetting the best breeders in Europe, and visiting their healthy dogs. When the puppies are considered a good enough standard, they are advertised on the Euro Puppy site, under their own terms, which offers more guarantees than breeders normally do.

But beyond that, when a perfect puppy is ordered, Euro Puppy arranges everything for their customers, to ensure the safe arrival of a puppy to the new owner, regardless of where they live.

A Niche for Everything

Most people regard choosing, and buying, a dog a ‘hands on’ process, something that is done locally, and personally. And this is true in most cases…

However, what most people haven’t realized is that the way we choose dogs hasn’t changed much in past decades. This is despite the massive growth in dog ownership, the skyrocketing popularity of purebred dogs, and the huge tech changes and opportunities.

We live in a small world now, and for some the old ways of hunting for a puppy locally just doesn’t cut it. Especially when you have a very particular breed, and puppy, in mind. For these people the Euro Puppy mission is to supply and deliver the perfect dog to those who cannot find one close to them.

A Safe Choice in a Secretive World

Dog breeding, and the whole world of breeders, is something that is not well known about. It is kind of a mysterious world, with breeders often hard to find, and often confusing to deal with

But for someone who is not experienced in the dog world; or a busy professional, limited for time and unwilling to immerse themselves in an unknown world, then Euro Puppy is here. This is why they are unique…. Euro Puppy overcomes the huge hurdle that is the secretive purebred breeder world, and makes finding, and receiving, the right puppy an easy process.

People can choose Euro Puppy, and avoid the risk of choosing the wrong breeder, with the wrong puppy. And also because they then get the full, exclusive service.

In reality it is very simple. A prospective dog owner chooses their perfect puppy from the Euro Puppy site, or Euro Puppy finds one amongst the breeders they know… The customer makes their choice knowing it is safe and guaranteed. Euro Puppy then basically arranges the entire process, including vaccinations and puppy health requirements, as well as the whole travel process. They then act as a personal safeguard and assistant for their customers needs, up to, and after arrival.

In nearly 18 years, Euro Puppy has helped wonderful families, all around the world, find their fantastic furry friend. But they also continue to support, and showcase the beautiful puppies of only the best, most professional breeders in Europe.

For the Dog in Your Life

In the end the Euro Puppy mission comes down to this … .

Ensuring the new family receives the smoothest service, and is satisfied with their healthy puppy, and that the dogs are placed into happy homes.

After all what could be better than bringing a dream dog to it’s new family! This recent word from Euro Puppy customer Francesco in Malta sums up everything that Euro Puppy does … .

No amount of words can ever express my gratitude to you and your company for the wonderful service but above all the wonderful puppy you delivered to me.

All the doubts that I had that I would get the puppy I was seeing on your website vanished the moment I saw her at the airport. Everything went so smooth and your service is impeccable. Much much simpler than I thought!

I still cannot believe that I could order a puppy online and at 6 months I get maybe the best puppy I ever experienced.

Although I don’t know the breeder, I must add that much of the satisfaction is to them as the puppy is practically problem free. She integrated so well with the other 2 GSD and in less than 24 hours of arriving in Malta she was already swimming with them in the Mediterranean.

Thank you to you personally for taking care of her and delivering her.

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