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Many people feel better when they have a golden tan. While it’s possible to use a tanning bed, it’s not healthy for a person. It increases his or her risk of developing skin cancer. Melanotan-II helps people achieve darker skin without any ultraviolet rays that have the potential to cause skin cancer.

How Tanning Occurs

The sun exudes two types of ultraviolet radiation: UVA and UVB. However, the UVB rays are the ones that burn a person’s skin while the UVA rays are the type that makes a person’s skin become tan. The UVA radiation penetrates a person’s skin and triggers the melanocytes to create melanin. The melanin is the brown pigment that makes a person’s skin tan. Melanin acts a protectant since it hinders a person from burning. Darker-skinned people have melanocytes that produce a higher amount of melanin. On the other hand, lighter-skinned people don’t produce as much melanin.

About Melanotan-II

Melanotan-II is a chemical made in a lab. It functions like a hormone found naturally in the body. Melanotan-II stimulates the skin cells to produce a higher amount of melanin, which darkens the skin’s pigmentation. It’s also known to reduce a person’s risk of developing skin cancer as a result of sun exposure. It doesn’t matter where a person gets Melanotan-II; it still has the potential to cause the same side effects like acne, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and fatigue.

Benefits of Using Melanotan-II

It’s very easy to use. Unlike a tanning cream that’s messy, Melanotan-II is available as an injectable. Not only is it simpler to use, but it’s also quick. In less than 15 minutes in a doctor’s office, a person has tanner skin. Therefore, it’s much quicker than applying a tanning lotion or sitting out in the sun.

Melanotan-II gives a person a more natural-looking tan than a tanning cream or lotion. It’s just as natural-looking as if a person was sitting out in the sun. Plus, it provides a person with an even tan, so there aren’t blotches or dark spots like the ones bronzers and artificial tanning products cause.

Using this product to get a tan doesn’t increase a person’s risk of cancer like the sun does. Additionally, the results of this product are long-lasting, and a person never gets tan lines from it.

The benefits of Melanotan-II are much greater than the sun. People don’t have to worry about elevating their risk of skin cancer. Plus, it’s a quick process.