Two Obama Officials Guilty of Theft, Bribery, and Fraud

The Obama administration left a legacy of boundless corruption and abuse of public office that is being revealed, indicted, and convicted to date. In the latest of such cases, one Obama admin official pleaded guilty to theft of confidential government information and another was sentenced to prison for bribery and fraud.

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Obama DHS Official Pleads Guilty

NWO Report posted on January 15 that Charles K. Edwards – acting Inspector General at Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – pleaded guilty on Friday (January 14) to stealing confidential information from the government.

From 2015 to 2017, he stole software and confidential government data from the DHS for his company Delta Business Solutions Inc. in Maryland.

The story added that Edwards resigned in 2013 from DHS while the senate was investigating reports that he abused his office.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) reportedly declined to share how long of a sentence Edwards will face, and it is not known when he will be sentenced.

Former Inspector General Sentenced

Also on Friday, an official of the Department of Defense’s Office of Inspector General during Obama’s term was sentenced to over 7 years in prison for bribery and fraud. The Gateway Pundit reported that Matthew LumHo was sentenced 7.5 years in prison for accepting bribes and defrauding the US government.

As the story goes, LumHo was funneling money received in orders via federal contract with the help of a co-conspirator, William Wilson, who owned a telecom company.

Wilson received all the business without any competition and disguised the bribes my making them as payroll payments to one of LumHo’s relatives – to a bank account controlled by LumHo – for a job that didn’t even exist.

William Wilson will be sentenced on February 4, 2022.

Obama Land Grab Scandal

Last year, the Obamas broke ground for the construction of their controversial presidential center in Chicago, a project that is potentially devastating to the environment of the area. The project involving a land grab by the Obama Foundation has been legally challenged in the court by Protect Our Parks.

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