Election Fraud: Judge Rules Ballot Drop Boxes in Wisconsin Election Illegal

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) illegally allowed absentee ballot drop boxes in the 2020 election as this goes against state law – according to a Waukesha County judge’s ruling on Thursday.

Wisconsin election fraud
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The Blaze reported that Circuit Court Judge Michael Bohren of Waukesha County, WI, ruled that under state election law, absentee ballots can be returned by mail or in-person, but they cannot be dropped off at a drop box. Calling it a victory for the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), the conservative group that filed the lawsuit against the 2020 election guidance of WEC, the story wrote:

The WEC has until Jan. 27 to rescind its drop box guidance, provided the judge’s ruling is not overturned on appeal.

WILL posted about the ruling on their website and noted that adoption of absentee ballot drop boxes was correlated with an increase of about 20,000 votes for Joe Biden, while having no significant effect on the vote for Trump.

In October 2021, an audit of Wisconsin’s 2020 election found massive problems with votes cast in the election. The MacIver Institute reported that WEC never verified whether voters had multiple registrations in different states or were not alive anymore.

It turns out WEC had never run a report on whether people had multiple registrations in Wisconsin or died in other states going back to 2016. The first time it ran the report was in May, after the auditors started poking around.

Joe Hoft reported on The Gateway Pundit on Saturday that Wisconsin Speaker of the House Robin Vos – a Republican – was more intimately involved in the creation of ballot drop boxes than was previously known.

Wisconsin audit and Judge Bohren’s ruling add to the evidence of systematic and organized election fraud across multiple states in 2020 that resulted in removing President Trump from presidency and put Joe Biden in the White House.

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