3 Major Blocks to Making Money

Are you one of the many people who are so frustrated at the fact that they aren’t making money the way they intended to? It’s very common when things seem not to go your way – financially. You might be working so hard, hoping for a great future, but instead, you keep moving back. This blog is going to tell you the cause of your stagnation, or lack of financial growth.

In mind, there’s a conscious and a subconscious part, and the conscious part will always want to achieve the best by making money and acquire all the good stuff. Therefore, there’s a higher probability that the subconscious mind is hindering you from making money as you purpose to.

It’s your habits, and not your desire, that runs your life. Your habits are programmed to your stimuli, and they come from thoughts to actions that are run by the subconscious mind. On the other hand, your desires are the things you wish and aspire to achieve, and it’s easy to control the conscious mind so that you can act towards achieving all you desire.

These are the three major blocks to making money:

  • Fear of Making Money

This is the major challenge in the money-making process. Some people get very fearful of success and having too much money. It’s not like they don’t need the money, though, but they fear to have it in plenty.

Well, making money comes with a lot of responsibilities and attention, and you have to shift from what you’re used to doing, and start doing different things. If you’re to have a lot of money, you should know how you’re going to manage it, and how to help the people who would now come for help from you.

Are you shocked? Yes, if you get plenty of money, you’ll receive pleas from those you didn’t ever expect to help, and you have to help them at least. That means you have to get out of your comfort zone because even gold diggers will come for you.

  • Feelings of Lack and Unworthiness

Many people have been pushed back by the feeling of unworthiness. If you always feel like your life is inadequate, it becomes so hard to accomplish your goals of making money. The best thing isn’t to think of what you don’t have and start thinking of how to achieve it.

You may start having thoughts of failure and feeling unworthy.

  • Associating making money with negativity

Some people like associating money with bad things such as drug trafficking, bank robbery, and many other criminal activities. The truth is that several individuals are making clean money from clean sources and their hard work. If you think it’s a lie, check out 28 Ways to Make Money Right Now and get top tips on how to make money.

The Bottom Line

If you need to make money, first, surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you to do the right thing and notify you when you’re about to mess up. As you know, negative will feed you negatively, and positive will feed you positively.

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Melissa Thompson

Melissa is a mother of 2, lives in Utah, and writes for a multitude of sites. She is currently the EIC of HarcourtHealth.com and writes about health, wellness, and business topics.