3 Ways to Prepare Your Hair For The Changing Seasons

Changing seasons means changes in the weather. These changes, whether it be fluctuations in temperature or humidity, can wreak havoc on your hair. Right when you were getting used to how to care for your hair in one season, the next one rolls around. These changes could leave you feeling like you never know exactly how to care for your hair in the season you’re in. So for those who want to switch from hair extensions to their natural hair, here are three ways to prepare your hair for the changing seasons.

Get A Trim

Both too much heat and too much cold can cause your hair to become damaged. That along with wind, sunlight, excessive styling and more can make it so your hair both looks and feels like it needs some tender, loving care. One way to give it this, according to Sarah Kelsey, a contributor to the Huffington Post, is to get your hair trimmed regularly. Some people feel that with a new season they want a new look. While you can choose to get a major cut, even just a small trim to cut off any damaged areas or split ends can do wonders for making your hair look and feel healthy. Consider getting at least a trim around the time that seasons are changing in your area each year.

Skip Shampoo Days

Depending on the season, your hair may need to be washed either more or less often. In the summertime, sweat and chlorinated or salt water can require washing your hair every day. However, once the weather starts to get colder and often times dryer, MyHairCare.com.au recommends stretching out your shampooing to about once every other day. Washing your hair strips it of its natural oils. This can make your hair drier, and the problem’s only compounded when the weather is dry as well. So to keep your hair on as even of a keel as possible, you may want to try shampooing a little less often.

Change Up Your Showering Products

Because the weather is different in different seasons, your hair is going to require different methods of hair care as the seasons vary. Naturigin.com writes that as there’s usually more humidity in the spring, you probably don’t want to use hair care products in the shower that bring in extra moisture. This could make your hair look extra frizzy. But when the winter comes around, using shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing agents will be very beneficial to your hair in these drier months. So as the seasons change, make sure you change your hair care products with them.

If you’re unsure how to cater your hair care to the various seasons throughout the year, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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