4 Smart Plumbing Technologies Making Headlines This Holiday Season

“Smart plumbing” is a trend this holiday season, with homeowners switching on their smartphones and tablets to link to their plumbing. The industry is rapidly changing and new advancements are leading to easier plumbing control, even remotely, in many cases.

The holiday season’s top projected plumbing technologies include:

1. Fortrezz Smart Shut-off Valve

Fortrezz is a unique solution that operates your water’s shutoff valve. The technology is professional-grade and utilizes an app to automate your home’s plumbing network. Several sensors are installed that allow the homeowner to control the flow of water in the home.

The system allows water valves to be shut-off dynamically to prevent leaks from becoming major water repairs.

Users can use the app to shut off their water from anywhere. Forget to shut off the water when you leave town and a neighbor called to let you know there’s a problem? Connect to the app and shut off the water valve.

2. Brain Pipes

Brain pipes have been designed to help reduce society’s water usage. Studies show that Americans can save 200 gallons of water per day from fixing just one running toilet. Corrected leaks in 5% of homes could save 177 billion gallons of water.

Brain pipes are all about home automation.

This technology reduces your water footprint and has the potential to stop damage from leaks, too. The systems are installed to allow you to monitor your entire home. Breakage and leak points are also monitored and able to be viewed via notifications.

Homeowners then have the option of calling a plumber, using trenchless pipe lining technology, or making the repair themselves.

Brain pipes will send an alert to the homeowner outlining the location of the problem.

It’s the future of piping and has the potential to save homeowners from future, catastrophic repairs.

3. LED Temperature Control Monitoring

Tired of putting your hands under the bathroom faucet only to feel scolding hot water on your hands? LED temperature control monitoring can help. These monitoring systems allow you to visually gauge the water temperature:

  • Cold water will be shown with a blue color
  • Hot water will be shown with a red color

It’s an easy, visual way to judge your water’s temperature. Fixtures will also generate their own power through your water flow when the valve is turned on, so you won’t need to change batteries or plug your temperature control monitor into an electrical outlet.

4. ETWater Irrigation Systems

Homeowners that spend hours irrigating their lawns every week will benefit from ETwater. The smart sprinkler service, uses cloud technology to help you monitor your irrigation through smart technology.

ETwater allows you to:

  • Track water needed to keep your lawn healthy
  • Adapts to weather patterns

The system will even be able to track your local rainfall and adapt the water requirements to match the lawn’s current moisture levels. Weather forecasting, mobile access and wireless connection allow you to control and track your home’s irrigation. Precision watering and dynamic scheduling enable you to properly monitor and take care of your landscaping from anywhere in the world.

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